Airbus A330-700 (Beluga XL)


Beluga XL has been quite a big surge for Airbus and they’d be willing to show it to the public. I bet you the devs could get the physics and model down in a bit. It’s also based off the A330, which we already have a (crummy) cockpit for that!


Need that 330 rework bad!


I’m honestly hoping for the dreamlifter the come soon to IF.


Imagine having a hundred of these flying out of Toulouse during a FNF 🤣

Bring this beast into IF!


i thought it was called the Airbus A300-600ST


I would love seeing this aircraft fly all over the world and go to Toulouse!


No the A300-600ST is the original Airbus Beluga based from the A300



ohhh yes and the beluga face on the new plane is what makes it te A330-700?


No the fact that its called the A330-700 is because it is based off of the A330.


Nice request to add in Infinite Flight,


Please don’t add this. We have so many feature requests that are far more valuable than this.


This aircraft doesn’t have a very good range. So be prepared to land a lot.


Some things to consider:

  1. I’m not in control of getting this added, this is just a request.

  2. You can go t those valuable requests and vote there and not complain here.

  3. This is a request for the DEVS to consider adding when the time is right. That is basically the point of feature requests, to show the DEVS what the community wants. Explains the point of the voting system


With a range of 7,000nm that’s pretty good compared to other aircraft


I’m not complaining. I’m just requesting a do not add. No need to be a keyboard warrior.


Why would you not want this added? Just curious


I’d like some more cargo aircraft but the more popular ones like the 757 and 767. So many liveries In both of those aircraft. I’d really like to see a lot more GA.


A lot of people want to see GA, but that’s still no reason to not request a new aircraft. And if you want to see more cargo aircraft, this is a cargo aircraft. :)

@Jeremy_H Lets take this into a PM


Not ugly cargo aircraft with short range 😛


This doesn’t have a short range… ugly yes for sure lol