Airbus A330-700 (Beluga XL)

The Airbus A330-700/Beluga XL

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The A330-700(Beluga XL)

The Airbus Beluga XL (Airbus A330-743L) is a large transport aircraft based off of the A330 and is set to enter service 2019. The Beluga XL is the successor to the original Airbus A300-600ST(Super Transporter) Beluga based off of the Airbus A300. The Beluga XL was developed to help Airbus keep up with the demand for a320s, a330s, and a350s.


Capacity: 53 t (117,000 lb) payload
Length: 63.1 m (207 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 60.3 m (197 ft 10 in)
Height: 18.9 m (62 ft 0 in)
Wing area: 361.6 m2 (3,892 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 10.1
Max takeoff weight: 227,000 kg (500,449 lb)
Maximum landing weight: 187 t (412,000 lb)
Maximum zero fuel weight: 178 t (392,000 lb)
Empty weight: 125 t (276,000 lb)
Fuselage diameter: 8.8 m (29 ft)
Cargo hold: 2,615 m3 (92,300 cu ft) volume
Powerplant: 2 Ă— Rolls-Royce Trent 700 turbofan, 316 kN (71,000 lbf) thrust each
Range: 4,074 km; 2,532 mi (2,200 nmi) at max payload

My Opinion

I don’t know why, but this, in my opinion, is looks much better than the original Beluga. I would love to see a new addition to our cargo fleet and the Beluga XL is the perfect answer. Besides, who doesn’t like that big smile!

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I would love to see this, the Beluga (A300) and the Dream)Lifter!


Would be an awesome addition, hope to see this beauty with the A330 rework :)



This is a must if we get a A330 rework! :D

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Ugh, it looks so awful! But any aircraft addition to IF makes all our lives better.:-)

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Pretty nice plane and pretty nice feature request! Good job!

Nevertheless in my personal opinion we should get some more planes we already have reworked prior adding this one. The BelugaXL is based on the A330 which we already have, but it has completely different flight characteristics (I think that’s obvious), which means that the devs would need to build a whole new model if they wanna to be as realistic as possible. That means we definitely won’t see it in near future and once we got it, I’m sure it won’t be an often flown plane after a while, just because it isn’t really common (you rarely see specials like the B747-SCA or the B747-SOFIA) and it isn’t flying that much routes in real life.

feel free to reply or dm me if you have a different opinion and wanna share it


I think it’s too early but that would be a fun plane to fly
Opening the nose flying with a giant hump on top of u … wow


Yaaaaassssss this is the perfect edition to IF

This is a great feature request! Imagine how high you’d be able to set the cargo weight to XD
However, I think taxiway lights should maybe be first priority at the moment

@Mats that should definitely be up on the priority list too

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This would be awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have any more votes… I’ll see if I can clear one out for this! :)

I would love to see this in the future! If FDS does intend on adding this, they should also add the 747 Dreamlifter

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I think it’s a little early for priority list
We have important reworks and stuff

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I know that Infinite Flight has its issues to solve with reworks and other stuff. This feature is just something the devs could consider adding in the future.

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I agree with you, but let see what FDS has in store for u pilots. I’ll take anything beyond this point. But I am waiting patiently for the TBM-930.

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Perhaps this could be included with the A330 rework that has so many votes. Particularly since it’s based off the A332.

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Not really because the Beluga isn’t classified as an a330. It only uses parts of the a330. Its still a new aircraft with different flight dynamics. Put it this way. If you took a 787 fuselage, then put a350 wings and engines on it, would you call it 787 still? Yes Its just a 787 with a new wing and engine. Aircraft manufacturers configure aircraft with different engines all the time so you wouldn’t give it another name when its still 95% of the original aircraft. You cant give a plane a new name because its using new parts. Sure, Airbus is calling it the a330-700 only because they wanted to base it off of the a330. The Beluga XL is basically a bigger Beluga ST with a new wing and engine. That’s why it shouldn’t be included as part of the a330 Rework.

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I would beg to differ.

“Its aft section is based on the A330-300 while its forward on the A330-200 for centre of gravity reasons, and the reinforced floor and structure comes from the -200F.”
(Link: See “Design Section”

From Airbus themselves:

“With a bulging upper forward fuselage and enormous cargo area, the BelugaXL is hardly recognizable as the outsized airlifter version of the Airbus A330-200 jetliner from which it is derived. “We have the A330 as a foundation,” said Bertrand George, head of the BelugaXL programme…”

Link: Airbus Beluga XL


Seeing as the dreamlifter or regular beluga have not come out yet I don’t don’t think the beluga XL will be coming

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We don’t necessarily need previous variants of an aircraft or all aircraft in the same category to come before a certain aircraft is added. That’s just like saying we can get the TBM 930 until we have the 900 or 850.

A very well written request and should be noticed.

Sadly, I’m outta’ votes.

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