Airbus A330/340

I know that the creators of this app are all American but it isn’t fair to only promote the 787 like for instance the Airbus a330/340 has being the same since 2013 and I’ve being having this app since then and it has no nose gear light and then no cockpit lighting and the landing gears are supposed to lean up when in air once the gears are down coz I recently selected the 787 and it has all the features and the best part is even the landing gear looks realistic coz it leans up coz when u touch down only 2 wheels are supposed to hit the runway first but the way the main landing gears are on the 330/340 all 4 touch down together. Please put in some effort for the 330/340 I know that many don’t fly that aircraft but it would be nice to see a chance and those two aircraft deserves it since they were there from the start. And I hope you guys could come up with taxiway lights coz if you guys can create runways lights I’m sure taxiway lights would not be an issue. Hoping to see a change soon, thank you

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