Airbus A330-300 VS. Boeing 767-300

I know, I was just showing how much more better the reworked planes are than the un-reworked ones, like he’s getting. :)

Prefer the 767 I absolutely dispise the A330

As far as IF is concerned I say A330. Both need some work within the app but I prefer the UPS livery offered by A330.

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Can never go wrong with the reliable one!

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Yup yep yeap yuppp yup yup

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Both of these aircraft:

  • Have the nose pointed downwards when cruising.
  • Are old models
  • Questionable graphics
  • Not a lot of liveries
  • Bad cockpit models

But I bought both anyway.

My suggestion would be to get the B767-300, judging by FDS’s trend in reworking aircraft (Airbus sucks and only gets one rework, Boeing gets new aircrafts and reworks), the 767 will probably get reworked soon (maybe after Global and the MD-11/DC-10 update)

If I was u I will go with the a 330

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I never get what’s the hate towards Airbus, unless you’re being ironic…

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Judging by FDS’s trend (A321 reworked), they hate Airbus. Personally the only thing I hate about Airbus is that stupid pencil they use to control aircraft


FDS doesn’t hate Airbus… the A321 was the only airplane that has been “reworked” with high level cockpit and flight controls. In fact that was 5 months they spent on that airplane so your assumption is quite inaccurate.

@Puncakes liked my post, so I must be right…

No, in all honesty, I didn’t realize that. The only thing I noticed was that the A340 and A330 sucks, but I forgot about the B767 and B757 and B737 family…

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Someone agrees with me!

I prefer the 767, but I like both because I go buy livery’s and seating charts, I also have both

Both aircraft needs major rework. But for now, I would say the A330 is better. Has better textures and physics than the Boeing 767.

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