Airbus A330-300 TAP Stopover Livery

•Registration: CS-TOW
Photo taken by Martin Kotina©

I think it is the most beautiful livery of Tap Air Portugal, the Stopover livery was announced for the Airbus A330-300 and ready to make new routes on 07/24/2017. one of the most beautiful liveries I’ve ever seen for the A330. Beautiful painting and a great airline for our flights. we already have another topic created by @Mauricio_B of Tap painting for the Airbus A330-300. @Levet

Good livery !

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Oh that livery is stunning!


I’ve seen this livery at Miami last year and I also have a Gemini Jets model of it too. Looks fantastic!

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Got my vote! I have seen it quite a few times here in Porto

If we get the normal livery I would be thrilled! Imagine if this got added, too

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Thanky so much for help us with this topic, obrigado ; )

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This is definitely a beautiful livery! Out of votes at the moment. Definitely got my support! :)


Oohhhh I love this livery, don’t have a spare vote atm I’m afraid.

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