Airbus A330-300 Stall

I recently flew in an A330-300 and after around FL250 the plane started stalling and wouldn’t let me climb after I recovered. My V/S was set to 2100 ft/m. And after I recovered I set it to 900 ft/m and it still stalled, I was under the max takeoff weight. Am I doing something wrong?

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It’s pretty underpowered and struggles to gain speed after losing it. It also struggles to climb above like FL180. Next time you fly just reduce the VS to maybe like ~1500 around there and you should be alright. Just be aware that if you lose speed for whatever reason you will most likely have to level off or descend to get it back.

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What was your speed ?

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It might be worth sharing your replay or a few more details as there are a few other things to consider in addition to weight and V/S such as;

  • Wind Component
  • N1 / Take Power %
  • TO Flaps setting (Usually 1+F)
  • Clarify Take off Weight, you might be below MOTW but by how much?
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Happened to me as well about a month ago. The neo is easier and doesn’t do it.

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This happens to me a lot but I usually get to around fl330 before it starts stalling and diving down it weird but usually I do step climb and that usually works

I found that adding 10% more power then your takeoff power helps a lot when flying the A333 and A339

Adding to that, sometimes when I’m climbing in the A330-300 I sometimes even have to go to about 500 and even as low as 300 FPM to be able to get to my cruising altitude.

Around 200kts

with low speed its normal you stall, up it between 230 and 250kts

Maybe you set your speed to 200? The average climb rate is 250knts, you might have had your flaps down? Gear down maybe? Were your spoilers armed? Next time check all of that and set your V/S to 1600fpm and throttle to 100 until you know you’re fine. Hope this helped! 😊😊

That is way too slow for FL250. Ideally you want to be at roughly 280-300 knots above 10.000ft and cruise at Mach 0.82

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Skill issues

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