Airbus A330-300 Pratt & Whitney PW4000 option

Today I’m requesting the PW4000 engine option for the upcoming A330 rework. The team confirmed today that they’re currently not working on the PW4000 and don’t currently plan on having it. Why do I think this engine should come? Many airlines operate with the PW4000 in their fleets, some even exclusively with the PW4000 like Korean Air (please correct me if I’m wrong). Also it’d be just plain lazy of the team not to add it. We’re in 2021, not 2013 when we didn’t really care of what came with a certain aircraft. On a personal note, the PW4000s are my favourite A330 engines since TAM operated many -200s with those engines. They did have a few ones with the GEs, but they were indeed very few (I believe 3 or 4 or smth like that).

List of A330-300 operators with PW4000 engines (Copy Paste from @dan in the A330 Tracking Thread)

Air Berlin
Air Caraibes
Air Madrid (Also operated GE)
American Airlines
Asiana Airlines
China Southern (Also operates RR)
Czech Airlines
Delta Airlines (Also operates GE)
I Fly
Korean Air
Northwest Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Thai Airways International (Also operates RR)
US Airways
Vietnam Airlines

Voted!! Hope this comes


This needs to be added. There will be a lot of liveries that will either not be added or be inaccurate if this is not added. Voted!

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I need AA and Air Caraibes…


We need this, in order to persuade the developers to add it, VOTE NOW!!

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ik they’re not -300s but…

lil bump

c’mon, let’s change this and give the A330 all 3 engines!


As you have mentioned, it won’t be planned. Hopefully in the future, but ideally the best would be if it came together all as one so that they wouldn’t have to revisit the aircraft again. One and done would be the best.


Not to mention, such a diverse set of liveries from all corners of the world. It’ll seriously be a massive shame to see them skipped.


Yeah I’m surprised they aren’t going to add the PW4000 at the beginning that’s a lot of airlines we won’t get to fly sadly


We have already created a provisional livery list which we did with 3 engine types at first. We then made the decision to only use 2 engine types for the above reasons, and all bar one of the airlines planned we managed to fit in by switching registrations to aircraft with the correct type.

My point here is that the decision with regards to liveries and airlines missing out is a relative non-factor with one outlier. Just a little bit of behind the scenes info I think will help make the decision more logical to everyone!


Such an ugly engine idk why so many airlines chose it


@MishaCamp Does that mean Asiana and Malaysia Airlines is out of the A330 update, even if the A330 make the backbone of these 2 airlines? Although Asiana and Malaysia Airlines have 3 widebodies on IF but for Malaysia Airlines 2 of them are historic livery. Adding Malaysia Airlines makes it more realistic for intra asia and Malaysia-Australia flights (they have 15 A330s compared to 6 A350s which are only used for LHR and tokyo flights, the rest of the routes are mainly A330s) while adding Asiana will add realism to Intra asia and Korea-central asia flights opening to more realism flights. Please don’t discount the asian communities who are looking forward to have their country’s airline for realism.


I have the feeling and by my experience using infinite flight that (I might be wrong) sometimes the team is starting to decrease in aircraft numbers, I mean families, engine types and sometimes liveries, time and money may be the reasons but for a rework so important like this and no PW engines??


I totally agree. It would be a big bummer if these weren’t added.

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As Korean A330 Livery is already there in IF,does this mean that you guys would remove that livery! As it has PW4000 engines


Very unfortunate, but yes they probably are going to. I’ve asked about this today and this was the answer.

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Lol they didn’t add 777-300ER of Korean air and they are also going to remove A330 it’s sad to see this


Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. As a big fan of Korean Air which is one of the biggest airlines in Asia, the airline owns
30 A330s in total → 8 -200s and 22 -300s
26 777-300ERs
and it’s just depressing that we’re rather losing the A330s, and we don’t even have the 77Ws.
Also, they even have a whole terminal for Korean Air (Seoul - Incheon airport Terminal 2) at their home base, Incheon Airport (Which is confirmed to be a 3D airport next update). That makes Korean air’s livery much more valuable and needed.


I suppose giving you guys RKSI was their way of balancing it out

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Might be, but IRL RKSI is one of the biggest airports in the world… They should’ve done it somehow.