Airbus A330-300 not download

Today when I try to download Airbus A330-300. It not download and stuck at 0%

I tried to restart my phone. But it still won’t download after restarting.

My device is Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
And my OS is Android 13

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Didn’t you also have a problem downloading E175?

Did you get the hotfix?

Is your internet speed slow? Give it some time to see if it loads, it may take a few minutes if your connection is slow or unstable.

There is a change in the 22.8.1 hotfix that may result in the percentages not being smooth and being stuck at 0% for a bit longer, but you can trust that it is downloading in the background (unfortunately a side effect of fixing another issue).



Oh, Thank you very much
that it can’t be downloaded because of the internet

In the frist time I download, my internet speed is 2Mbps
And it stuck at 0%
So after I upgraded My internet to 25Mbps it can download

I think this is a result why you can’t download E175

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