Airbus A330-300 Czech airlines livery

Hi community! This is my new feature request and now it’s about CSA’s A330.

About CSA
Czech Airlines j.s.c. (abbreviation: ČSA, Czech: České Aerolinie, a.s.) is the flag carrier of the Czech Republic. Its head office is on the grounds of 6th district Prague, Vokovice. The airline’s hub is at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The company operates mainly scheduled flights and serves 22 destinations as of 2021. Czech Airlines carried 2.26 million passengers in 2016, which was a 13% increase compared to 2015. Czech Airlines Technics is responsible for aircraft maintenance.

Why we need this livery?
As we haven’t any Czech liveries in IF, it would be nice addition to Infinite flight.

Absolutely needed! It would be the first Czech plane in the IF fleet!


Cleared a vote for this! This is a stunning livery and it would be a perfect addition to this wonderful sim whist it would certainly attract more traffic in and out of Prague. Plus I think it’s only fair that this gets added since there is no other CSA livery in the sim. 🇨🇿
PS- Not the best photo but this is it parked up at Prague next to a Korean air 748 a few years ago, also preparing for a flight to Seoul.

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Let’s hope this livery is one in the list of liveries we haven’t seen yet!

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Wow, What a beautiful livery! Too bad it hasn’t been added yet.