Airbus A330-200F Rework

Hello everyone!

This request is for the A330-200F, a beautiful bird that only has 3 liveries, no gear tilt, no working doors and no live cockpit in Infinite Flight.

I assumed this was part of the Airbus A330 Rework Thread , but that is now closed and only the A330-300 is confirmed.

Therefore, I decided to make a seperate request for the A330-200 Freighter to be reworked.



About the A330-200F

A330-200F is a wide-body cargo aircraft by Airbus. It made its first flight in 1992, and joined service a couple of years later with Air Inter.

The A330-200F offers a choice of twoengines: Pratt & Whitney PW4000, or the Rolls-Royce Trent 700.

This aircraft has the capability of carrying 70 tonnes of cargo!

Range: 4,000 nmi (65 t cargo), varies on weight.

Cruise Speed: M.82-M.86

MLW: 180,000kg

MTOW: 227,000kg

Service Ceiling: 41,100ft

To overcome the standard A330’s nose-down body angle on the ground, the A330F uses a revised nose undercarriage layout to provide a level deck during cargo loading.

Operators: Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines (Turkish cargo division), MNG Airlines, AviancaTaca (for its Tampa Cargo operation) in South America, Malaysia Airlines (MASkargo subsidiary), and Hong Kong Airlines, UPS and DHL.

Why do we need a rework?

I think we need a rework, as we only have 1 reworked cargo aircraft, and with the A333 rework on the way, I think its the time to rework this bird, with a gear tilt, more liveries, live cockpit and working cargo doors. There are loads of possible routes with this aircraft in South America, North America, Europe and Asia.


Thanks for checking out my request! Please show your support and vote if you would like to see this bird rewoked too!

Stay Safe and have a great day!

I’m not a fan of the A330 at all, but I actually kind of like the look of the this one. Plus we really need more cargo aircraft, and I can’t stand flying the current one. I’ll try to free up a vote for it, nice request!

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Thank you!


Thanks for the vote @The_PilotDylan!

Voted! I was actually kind of surprised that it was no plan for this bird in the upcoming update…


Thank you for the vote! Let’s hope we see this in 21.1 ;)


Voted as well. Always will place a vote on a rework! Although we already have the 77F and MD-11 this would be a great addition to the lineup


Thanks to everyone who voted, we have reached 9 votes!

Hopefully this happens sometime in the future, you have my support

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Probably going to counterpart the A330 rework, same way the 777 freighters were reworked without a separate thread.

Would be nice to see an A330-200 MRTT (Mid flight refuelling aircraft). Now you may think I’m a bit special for requesting another “variant” of aircraft, but in all seriousness, when we saw the DC-10F roll out with that we got a an KC-10 and KDC-10 mid flight refueller. I mean I don’t see it being a huge challenge if the mechanics are already there, and a refuelling pod on both wings with a different livery would be impossible. For example the RAF A330-200 MRTT. image

This “variant” if you like has already been heavily suggested, but what I have seen with previous aircraft released it may come under the freighter variant of the aircraft. Not too sure though, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try not to cut off the blood circulation.


Little bump. We need this in the A330 rework!

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It would be nice to see the A332F, a unique aircraft, you have my support.

Here are some liveries that would be nice to see in the rework of the A332F.

Tampa CARGO N330QT
Avianca Cargo N332QT
MASkargo 9M-MUA
MNG cargo TC-MCZ


As a big fan of the A330, yes, we need this to be reworked!


Interesting but it’s not a priority at the moment! But it’s not a bad idea I would like to fly this aircraft

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Cargo is definitely losing priority … ;(

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