Airbus A330-200F: Aircraft Review

I thought I’d do another one today, while iOS users (like me) are patiently waiting for the Dash 8, lets get our reading glasses out through this wonderful review. Today is an Airbus A330-200F, personally my favourite cargo aircraft.



Price: $5.99 (Australian Dollar)

Liveries: 3

Airport Restriction: Charlie


ICAO Designator: A332

MTOW: 514,000lbs
MLW: 412,000lbs

Engines: Pratt and Whitney PW4000

Wake Turbulence Level: High

#Test Aircraft

Airline: Turkish Cargo
Registration: TC-JCV
Airport: EGSS


The Airbus A330-200F is an aircraft created to be a cargo version of the A330-200, and is ment to compete with the Boeing 777F. The A330-200F is a very interesting plane in IF but has very little to offer.


The plane comes with only 3 liveries, and not even a Generic. The Airbus A330-200F’s in the world today have more than 3 liveries, approximately 10 more. It also has incorrect registrations, fake liveries and also incorrect engines. The Turkish Airlines A330-200F I tested is a nice aircraft, although it does have the PW4000 engines instead of the Rolls Royce Trent 700. This is all a realism fans worst nightmare.


Although, in the cockpit there is some hope. There is no presence of 3D objects, but there is working mechanical objects such as Flaps Lever, Spoilers Lever, Gear Lever and also Airbus’ own fitted sidestick.

#The Bottom Line


This is an awesome aircraft in my opinion. Even though it lacks some characteristics, such as more liveries it is a great plane to fly cargo with. It may upset your realism gland, but it will get fixed in the future!


Nice way of keeping Rotate´s reviews. Does it oscilates when you deploy the flaps? Could you please make one for the B737-800?

Yea it is, especially that UPS livery.

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Rotates already did that.

I love all your reviews:) they are very fun to read

Yeah, it’s a crime that it only has 3 liveries

Keep up with the series, I’m enjoying them :)

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