Airbus A330-200

The Airbus A330-200 is the smaller sister variant of the A330-300. With a smaller size but same engines, the A332 is noticeably more powerful. There are no passenger A330-200s in Infinite Flight. If you want this feature to be added, vote for it. Technically, there IS an A330-200 in IF, but it is the cargo version. Plus, it is in bad condition. The cockpit is the same as the A330-300.

I guess there’s already another A332 feature thread somewhere ^^ @TheGlobalAviator
So it’s a duplicate.

It’s closed.

Oh really ? My bad

And I am asking for the -200F rework too.

@anon36354988 is not wrong, there is a thread for A330-200, same goes for A330-200F


Yes, but that’s long ago. I want this to come straight after the new aircraft (ATR72, A220.)
People forgot about the old one.

Use the other thread please.

These have never been confirmed to be coming to infinite flight.