Airbus A330-200

Coming 2023 - Ejército del Aire MRTT, Ex-Iberia Frames


Really hope the -200 comes to the sim. I think we are missing out on some new liveries and routes!

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I need my AA A330 y’all!

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I need dis two

Serves main China Eastern Long Hauls with B77W and A359, more then A333.

Only A330 variant in AF’s fleet along with many destinations served.


Jet2 Airbus A330-200.

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ITA Airways Airbus A330-200.


Iberia Airbus A330-200 for a very long haul away from Madrid to Dallas/Ft. Worth in the service and I saw posted a page on Facebook.

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Yay Fort Worth! 😇


Glad to see this topic getting so much attention!!

Tartan 72 QJF



I’m in love with this aircraft!

I’d love to see this aircraft come for the following reason:
This aircraft is a huge source of new liveries for the simulator!
The main missing liveries are:

  • AirFrance
  • Air Algerie
  • Air Namibia
  • ITA even though the new livery is hideous
  • Hawaiian
  • American Airlines
  • Serene Air
  • Iran Air
  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • and many more

My goal here is not to list all missing liveries, I just wanted to point out the amount of new Realistic route possibilities that would be opened with the addition of such aircraft.

Please vote for this European beauty!


Do you not like the new ITA livery? I quite like it, it’s something new

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This is getting off-topic but I absolutely hate it, the strange reason for that is because this shiny blue looks really bad on an airplane in my opinion, and I don’t really see where is the link to Italy on the livery (apart from the vertical stabilizer) why blue if there is no blue on the flag.

But that is simply my opinion

Please come on Iran Air A330

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Ok, now I find the livery more acceptable representativity-wise. Still doesn’t beat Alitalia in my opinion.


Also there is keen interest within the military part of the sim. The A330 MRTT would be a great addition to the 200 too, many airforce / government operator liveries, that would be widely used by the IFC too.

Vote on this topic Airbus A330 MRTT

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Please add Condor Airlines to the list.:) @Qantas094


Hi, sorry, I am unable to add it into the post as I am no longer a regular on the community. However, another regular like @Ecoops123 who has helped me on this post a few times before, would be able to add it for you. I have planned on redoing the post to fix up readability issues and update the links a bit (did start this already a few weeks back), should have some time in a few days for it though.