Airbus A330-200

You have to add Hawaiian!
It’s like adding the 738 without Southwest, Ryanair, or WestJet

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Yesterday i caugh one doing BOS-HNL, almost 11 hours in a domestic flight

Isn’t KBOS - PHNL the longest US Domestic route?

Yeah, that’s the longest US domestic flight

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I hope we get to see this in 21.1

I posted TAMs here

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And the other half is the Brazilians who want the TAM and the Azul liveries 🤣

Just going to leave this here.

And this…

And a bit of this.

Okay I’m done.


I’ve cleared a vote for this bird

As the a333 is confirmed for a long time now, all i am afraid rn is will (IF) will add correct engine types and most importantly the gear tilt! Tbh if none of these are there, then what’s the point of the rework? I am not missing out the fact that IF TEAM works very hard on reworks and updates! They are legends.

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Air France A330-200


Woah the Brussels livery 😳😳

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It is the reason why i vote for the A330-200 ;)

I don’t know why but I like the 200 more than the 300. I hope this will come after the ATR/ERJ/A380 rework.

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we wont (10 characters)

I quote ‘‘If there is demand’’ :)


yes we’ll get it in the future but it wont come with the A333

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Yeah, but actually you don’t ever know what IF has in terms of surprises ;)

for sure, im referring myself to their comments on IFC and social media. but we never know

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ok this would be poggers