Airbus A330-200

If I get the time in a few hours, I’ll make a drop-list of ideal liveries (with top quality images) that I believe would be suitable for Infinite Flight to use on the Airbus A330-200.

I’ve made some on the 777, 787, and 737 so far but those are most likely not allowed to be used since it’s all not been given credit to. ☹

I know you said you don’t hate the A330. But you did say you hated some of the liveries, which isn’t what the thread is for.

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Can’t forget this one!


No way you can forget. This livery is one of the few the heart can work on

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I definitely love Thomas Cook liveries, a shame the airline broke 😥

Here’s my full list of ideal and some expected liveries that could come when the A330-200 PAX is added into Infinite Flight. All photos contain credits in them. Thanks @Zak_Plant for that idea!

*Expected defines as ‘something that we could expect to come with the demand for the airline’, NOT defining as ‘We should expect this into Infinite Flight as it is a necessity.’

Anyway, here we go, photos are in the dropboxes, it also gives you a better picture than just a name, a livery like these would be the best in my opinion to implement:

Aer Lingus

Aerolineas Argentinas

Air Algerie

Air China

Air Europa

Air France

Air Greenland

Air Serbia


Air Transat


American Airlines


China Eastern Airlines


Fiji Airways

Hong Kong Airlines



No 100 year livery could be easily found.


Middle East Airlines


Qantas Silveroo Livery

Qatar Airways

TAP Air Portugal

Thomas Cook

Turkish Airlines

Virgin Australia

  • Some airlines has more A330-300’s than -200’s. This applies to Aeroflot, China Southern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Saudia.
  • Compared to other aircraft demand, I do not believe Etihad Airways will be added.
  • I considered Libyan Airlines, but I believe there is not a high enough demand for this airline.
  • I also considered Kuwait Airways, however the 777-300ER has had signs of hope for this unexplored airline!
  • South African is already on the A330-300 and A340-600.
  • SriLankan Airlines is already on the A330-300.
  • Please correct me if some airlines are not allowed to be used by IF-LLC.

These were added according to fleet size, and demand for the aircraft in the Infinite Flight Community. If you feel I have missed an aircraft in high demand, please feel free to drop me a PM or reply here!


I-… Delta? 🥺


I would’ve expected you to add Virgin Atlantic :^)

Thanks for this @Ecoops123!

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@Tsumia @Pingu

Delta has 11 -200’s, but 31 -300’s.

Virgin Atlantic has only 4 -200’s, but 10 -300’s. That’s why I’d feel that it would be on a -300 variant only.

One thing that I do need to add, is a couple military operators. I’ll get to that soon,

I completly forgot Monarch had the A330


Egyptair Cargo 🇪🇬 has 3 Airbus A330-200P2F. They are the launch customer of the P2F version.
They also have 4 Airbus A330-200! 🔥

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The main ones I really want are of course Air Serbia and LEVEL, American, and Air Transat

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i need this


If we get this, we better get the EI a330, if we dont then thats just bad form😂


I think we both agree on the fact that the Aer Lingus a330 is basically the jewel of the skies!


every airline is a jewel of the skies

Bump cause we still don’t have a -200 and I haven’t posted a Hawaiian pic in a while.


It really is…why havent they added it yet!!!

This, in my honest opinion, is the most-needed aircraft in IF. There’s so many exotic places you could fly with this, but alas…