Airbus A330-200

Can you send a link to the thread?

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On the A330 thread: Hey all. We’ve closed this as we know how much you guys want a full rework, and it’s been noted internally.

We want to let you all have your vote back to our towards things that we might not necessarily know the community desires.


On the A340 thread: We have noted the community desire for this. Thanks for everyone’s input. Your votes have been returned to you as this has been closed. You may use your vote for another feature such as a specific variant of the A340.


A330: Airbus A330 Rework
A340: Airbus A340 Family Rework


Guys they probably won’t do it after the 777 T.T just speculation because of The threads being closed and peeps will tend to forget

Let’s try to avoid speculation on this forum and stick to what the devs have said.

Thanks :)

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I don’t think they’d forget to rework such an aircraft, especially when they know a lot of the community wants it ;)

To add on, just because there isn’t visible progress on aircraft such as the A330/340 does NOT mean that the devs are unaware of the communities demands. Asides from things such as clouds and the new 777, there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that we’re generally unaware of, so don’t take the lack of response as the devs being forgetful of the communities demands.

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We just need it re-work ASAP!!

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I imagine they’ll have it already on the list, and when they finish what they have pending they will work on it. Keep in mind that it is hard work on the part of the developers, there are many proposals that come to them

I have no doubt in my mind that there’s definitely a lot the devs are working on right now, so just sit back and relax. The A330/340 is very likely the next aircraft(s) to be reworked, given both threads are locked, so it’ll come in time.

Surely, when a thread with so many votes is closed the most likely they will get to work on it

Exactly. It would be a remote possibility for them to lock a thread with some 1259 votes and then choose to ignore it.

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Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of this beast.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons


We need a Qantas A330

Back in the day when it ran on SYD-AKL-LAX-JFK.


France Air Force has airbus 330-200


I love this view

Image link:


Is that Milano or Zurich or where?

Pretty sure it’s Milan, and this A332 belongs to Alitalia.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.
This livery looks dashing on the magnificent beast and it also depicts diversity!