Airbus A330-200

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G’day all, wouldn’t it be nice to have another extremely innovative aircraft in Infinite Flight? Well the Airbus A330-200 is that aircraft. The Airbus A330-200(F) and -300 are already in Infinite Flight but not the Airbus A330-200 so I don’t know why they left the -200 out. According to Airbus: Benefitting from over 20 years of continuous incremental innovation, Airbus’ A330-200 is one of the most modern and reliable aircraft in the sky. Typically flying around 247 passengers, it can be tailored to carry as many as 406. The twin-aisle widebody aircraft provides all passengers with an abundance of personal space, and the modern cabin allows for 18-inch wide seats that can bring a level of comfort and relaxation to long-haul flights, even in economy.

History of The Airbus A330-200

The first Airbus A330-200 took flight in 1997 and has become one of the most popular and reliable aircraft ever. The -200 is a newer model of the A330 family, it was made because airlines wanted a smaller aircraft with longer range, the Boeing 767 also played a major role in Airbus making the -200. In 2014 Airbus introduced the Airbus A330neo that’s even more fuel efficient than the A330ceo.

Why do we Need This Aircraft?

The Airbus A330-200 is one of the most popular aircraft types, the type can fly for countless hours on end. The aircraft has a further range over the -300 model and is also smaller than the -300. The aircraft also has many new and old airlines like Air Berlin, KLM, Qantas, Air Australia, just to name a few. With this, it would allow us to fly more realistic routes and have a new aircraft for VA’s that have the aircraft in their fleet.

What Airlines Operate The Type?

Multiple airlines operator the type, you can find all of them on the table below.

Airline A330-200
Aer Lingus 4
Aeroflot 5
Aerolíneas Argentinas 10
Air Algérie 8
Air Caraïbes 2
Air China 30
Air Europa 10
Air France 15
Air Greenland 1
Air Italy 5
Air Leisure 3
Air Mauritius 2
Air Namibia 2
Air Serbia 1
Air Seychelles 2
Air Transat 14
Aircalin 2
Alitalia 14
American Airlines 15
AtlasGlobal 2
Avianca 6
Avianca Peru 1
Azores Airlines 1
Azul Brazilian Airlines 7
Berkut Air 1
Brussels Airlines 4
Beijing Capital Airlines 6
China Eastern Airlines 33
China Southern Airlines 16
Corsair 2
Delta Air Lines 11
EgyptAir 7
Etihad Airways 18
Eurowings 7
EVA Air 3
Evelop Airlines 1
Fiji Airways 5
Garuda Indonesia 7
Governments; Executive And Private Jets 42
Gulf Air 6
Hainan Airlines 8
Hawaiian Airlines 24
Hi Fly 3
Hong Kong Airlines 9
Iberia 12
I-Fly 3
Iran Air 2
Iraqi Airways 1
Jet2 1
Jordan Aviation 1
Korean Air 8
Kuwait Airways 5
Libyan Airlines 3
Malaysia Airlines 5
Middle East Airlines 5
Nepal Airlines 2
Nordwind Airlines 2
Oman Air 4
Onur Air 8
Qantas 18
Qatar Airways 13
RwandAir 1
Saudia 6
Shaheen Air 4
Shanghai Airlines 3
Sichuan Airlines 6
South African Airways 6
SriLankan Airlines 6
SunExpress Deutschland 6
TAP Air Portugal 14
Thomas Cook Airlines 6
Thomas Cook Scandinavia 1
Tianjin Airlines 4
Tibet Airlines 3
Tunisair 2
Turkish Airlines 18
Undisclosed customers 23
Vietnam Airlines 8
Virgin Atlantic 4
Virgin Australia 6
Wamos Air 3
Windrose Airlines 1
XL Airways France 3
Nepal Airlines 2

Table Credit: Wikipedia

Feature requests kindly linked by @Ecoops123

General Aircraft Specifications

Length: 58.82 m (192.98 ft)
Span: 60.3 m (197.83 ft), Main gear: 12.61 m (41.37 ft)
Height: 17.39 m / 57 ft
Fuselage: 5.64 m (222 in) diameter, 5.26 m (207 in) cabin width
Engines (×2): GE CF6 / PW4000 / Trent 700
Cruise: Mach 0.82 (470 kn; 871 km/h), 12,500 m (41,100 ft) Service Ceiling
Range:13,450 km / 7,250 nmi|

Final Conclusion

Having the Airbus A330-200 in the simulator would just make it better opening up even more routes and Virtual Airlines, with the aircraft’s gear tilt and live cockpit would make it an awesome aircraft to fly. Hopefully we see it in the simulator soon.

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Airbus Logo: Wikipedia Commons
Opening Image: Robert Karam
Information: Wikipedia
Information: Airbus
Airline Table: Wikipedia

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Hmmm, What’s the difference between a A332 and an A333?


Well there are a different mixture of liveries, such as Qantas, Jetstar, Airbus, Factory and so on.


Ohh, Ok I thought one A330 could do more range than another A330, but thanks anyways


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-200 is shorter than the -300.




A322: 246
A333: 300

Max Seating

A332: 406
A333: 440


A332: 192.98 ft
A333: 208.89 ft


A332: 57 ft
A333: 55 ft

Cargo Volume

A332: 4673 cu ft
A333: 5591 cu ft


A332: 120600 kg
A333: 129400 kg

Max Payload

A332: 49400 kg
A333: 45600 kg


A332: 7250 nmi
A333: 6350 nmi


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I would love to fly around the Hawaiian A330-200. It is their flagship aircraft and HAL only has one aircraft in IF.


There are a couple of Hawaiian aircraft in Infinite flight.


The 763 and 712


The 763 is retired and the 717 needs to be updated. I fly for realism, so I do not fly the 763 anymore and flying the 717 is so boring. Both Planes are in need of huge reworks.


We’ll we better luck next time and hope the A330 wins.


Voted bro let’s bring her home 👊🏻🥳


So much for this idea. I do wish they’d finish the full rework on the A330 first.