Airbus A330-200 Tunisair

Hello it’s time to ask the airline company Tunisair


Airbus A 330-200

RoleAir liner Airbus manufacturer Crew 2 First flight November 2, 1992 Commissioned January 17, 1994 Withdrawal Still in service First customer Air Inter Main customer Turkish Airlines: 65
Air China: 59
China Eastern: 50
(as of September 30, 2018) Unit cost A330-200: 233.8 million A330-200F: 237 million
A330-300: 259 million A330-800neo: 254.8 million
A330-900neo: $ 290.6 million
(2017) Years of production Since 1992 x C mommands x 1,715 Deliveries 1,408 In use 1,374 (as of end of June 2018) Derived from A300 Variants A340


AITAO ACI Call Sign TU TAR Tunair Historical landmarks Date established 21 October 1948 General Based in Tunis-Carthage International Airport Loyalty program Fidelys Size of the fleet 29 aircraft in operation (2017) Number of destinations + 40 Headquarters Tunis, Tunisia Subsidiaries Tunisair Express
Tunisia Catering
Tunisair Handling
Tunisair Technics
Amadeus Tunisia
ATCT Leaders Elyès Mnakbi (CEO) Website

I would like to have this airline in IF for alley from Tunis to Lyon Saint Exupéry. and I think we need to add more African airline.

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If the A330 is the next to be reworked and if the A332 is added, Tunisair should be too.
Montreal to Tunis, operated by the airline on the A332 IRL.l, so we can do this route in IF!