Airbus A321XLR

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The Airbus A321 Xtra Long Range
Is one of Airbus New planes in Testing
It’s promised to bring a range of
4700nm and 30% less Fuel burn


  • 4700nm of range
  • 30% less Fuel burn
  • can fly up to 11 hours non-stop
  • 101t Take off weight
    *180-220 seats in typical 2-class seating
    More on Airbus website In Sources

But what’s the difference

Aircraft variant Range Added % for range
A321-200 2650NM 0%
A321neo 3500NM +32%
A321LR 4000NM +15%
A321XLR 4700NM +15%

Basically it’s goes further, allowing Airlines to go to a further destination while saving Fuel.
An example of an airline that does this already is Aer lingus. They use their A321LR for routes like Dublin-cleveland or Dublin to Newark and other routes.


(according to Simply flying)

  • indigo
  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Jetblue
  • JetSmart
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Wizz air
  • Qantas
  • MEA (middle east Airlines)
  • Air Arabia
  • Air Asia X
  • Cebu Pacific air
  • Saudia
  • Vietjet
  • flynas
  • Aer lingus
  • Iberia
  • icelandair
  • Air Canada
  • Air transat
  • Sky airline
  • Jetstar

Aircraft picture source
F-WWAB Airbus Industrie Airbus A321-253NY Photo by Maximilian Kramer | ID 1429123 |
That picture belongs to “Maximilian Kramer” on <>
Aircraft Specs
Aircraft orders from simply flying

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There is already a topic for that I think

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There isn’t since this one got approved i think the other one is about the LR

The A321XLR is technically a better a321neo


Basically I guess but it technically counts a different plane although it looks the same but your still right tho

The NEO is technically a better CEO ;)

I approved it since it’s a bit in the gray area. But people are free to correct if it should just fall in under the “NEO” category.


I stand corrected then. You have my vote

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Would be amazing to fly with an A321 on longhaul flights 😍


Agreed definitely across the Atlantic will be cool

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the A321XLR is a better A321Neo-LR

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I’m still confused as to why this feature request is allowed when the A320neo family feature request includes this aircraft.

What’s so special about this aircraft that it deserves its own feature request when it’s just an A321neo with extra long range?

And no. I don’t hate this aircraft. I just find this feature request unnecessary.


Tbh my knowledge of Airbus planes is not the best but I am a fan of this plane
But i think reason why it’s open since the a320neo family does include the a321 but it’s only the neo
According to airbus the LR and XLR are 2 separate planes but they look the exact same for example the a320-200 and the a320 neo they look the same but 2 separate planes

Idk maybe I’m wrong it’s just what schyllberg said its a bit of a weird one


Any narrow body long haulers


No! XLR is better than A321NEO

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Thats what he said…

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I was looking around the feature topic rules and found something that actually totally allows you to make this topic.

In other words, any feature topics that were created with the intention of the entire family of aircraft being added shouldn’t be allowed because of this rule.

The exception is most of those topics were created before this rule was a thing and they already secured a large number of votes.


Long Range bump

Xtra Long Range bump

Airbus bump

Of course i voted for this, what an amazing plane we have here!

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