Airbus A321XLR

The A321XLR was recently announced after the success of their sales

The new A321XLR single-aisle jet will have a range up to 4,700nm (8,700km), with an enlarged central fuel tank and a reinforced landing gear. Additional centre fuel tank with 30% reduction in fuel burn per seat.

United has said they will be considering the A321XLR as a replacement for the 757

This is not a livery request but the current orders
Qantas has confirmed the A321XLR for their fleet and Jetstar fleet. Currently we know Qantas will receive some and jetstar will take the others. Do not forget they still have A320Neo on order. Plus they still have orders for the A321LR 😉

Partners group announced it would convert 18 of its previous A320neo order into A321XLR, and add another 32, for a total order of 50 of the new aircraft. Twenty of the A321XLRs should be allocated to Wizz Air, 18 to Frontier, and 12 to JetSMART

American Airlines also converted an existing order for 30 A321neo into A321 XLR and 20 additional orders

Deliveries expected to start in 2023

MTOW: 101T

Weight: 97T

Engines: expected to use the same engines as the A321LR.

CFM Leap-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1100G

This aircraft would be awesome to have infinite flight adding on to the current A321.

I am still wondering about the difference between the Airbus A321XL and the A321XL “R”. 🤔

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“R” stands for range so XL would just be extra long or extra large maybe like a wider body I believe. However I don’t think there is a A321xl


Quite sorry there. I was talking with the A321 LR.

I was wondering about this topic:

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That’s alright I wasn’t sure what you were talking about at first

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Not to be negative or anything but I don’t think Infinite Flight will be added this as it looks pretty much identical to the regular a320


But it’s a a321? We have a321 in the game as well so I’m not sure what you mean


This has a longer range.

But you said it looks identical to a A320?

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LR = Long Range
XLR = Extra Long Range
ULR = Ultra Long Range

It means that it can fly much farther than the original variant.

Though it would be cool to fly a long-range A321, there isn’t too much to be exited about it in my opinion. 👌

I know this is far from perfect but I would settle for a way to fly a 321 with the same fuel capacity of the XLR. Similar to how we select liveries, there could be a menu for listing all the models…or just a few. I thought of this cause the A318 business for example, it’s really just a different paint. Also I do recognize that different variants have different engines and therefore different performance so that’d be a ton of work. Just a though I had after and emergency landing.

I’m ready for the Airbus XXLLLLRRRRRRRRRLLLLXXLLLL! ;)

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That wouldn’t be very realistic as they are all different non are the same. So you would rather have something that isn’t realistic. A318 and A320 and A321 and extremely different they use different engine models the NEO uses different engines they all have different physics and sizes and parts.

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Well if you read my full post you’d see I did mention that the performance wouldn’t be accurate. I also thought I was pretty clear that no I don’t mind if it’s less realistic than the standard A318,-19, 20, 21 really I just want a place holder.

I don’t understand why you would object to this, if the feature doesn’t appeal to you then don’t use it. Simple as that. I’m not asking the devs to stop working on the A350 and get this done but merely saying if it is a quick and easy change I’d love it. Sorry if I made it seem like this was my goal rather than a rework.

Some more info has arrived Airbus officially launches the A321XLR at Paris Air Show with range up to 4,700nm (8700km) - AIRLIVE


No surprise that it can do Anchorage to Tokyo. I did that a week ago in the A320. I could do it in a A318. Granted this is IF but still

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