Airbus A321NEO engine question

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I have a question about the spool up on the Airbus A321N.

It was the 12th when I was flying home, whenever the engine was spooling up for taxi and takeoff it made an annoying and painful sound that sounded like turning on an old unused faucet. It was excruciatingly bad, and we had to here it multiple times including during our descent.

Information on the aircraft and flight:

I’ve been on the A321N before, and this didn’t sound right. I decided to turn to the community to see if there is some sort of explanation for this.

Thanks guys!

So about this sound from the engine…

You didn’t hear any announcements about the engine having “problems” and did you see anyone feeling uncomfortable about the engine sound?

It wasn’t the good 'ole dog barking sound, was it?

Is it like a rattle? Some engines do this with idle thrust

I found a video about this from Captain Joe. This maybe answers your question. ;)


Elevator trim screw being set to take off position can be loud. Were you sitting towards the tail of the aircraft?

There were no problems but having been on this model before, it didn’t sound right.

It’s definitely not the barking sound, this was during any sort of spool up. So on the ground taxiing, taking off, and landing. Even once we got onto the ground. It sounded like the fan blades were stuck because it was sort of like metal on metal scraping, or the sound of something that needs oil.

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I was sitting back there, but would that explain the sound happening during spool up on taxi and landing?

Did you know? Barking sound can even sound during taxi…

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Find a video of engine fan blades turning in the wind. Very rattly, is this the noise you are referring to?


It’s more of like a squeaky sound, it sounded like it was only coming from the left engine.

Engines make wierd noise

Listen at the A220 whale killer for example

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I just looked it up…

That’s the sound.


It’s an A321-271N, Which means it has the Pratt & Whitney 1100G Engines.

These engines use some technology where the engine is a geared turbofan engine.basically they make that weird sound. This sound is perfectly normal and occurs usually when the engine is starting, spooling up or opening reversers.

go to 4:51 and carry on listening till about 4:58, It sounds like a ship horn.

go to 8:01 and listen till about 8:08, you should be able to hear the reverse thrust opening :) (Best video I could find)

Hope this helps.

Also: You are lucky you flew on an A321neo with Pratt & Whitney engines ;)
I’m flying an A321neo this summer but it has the more boring CFM LEAP engines.


Yeah I live in Geneva and hear this sound almost 5km away when it takes off from 04


It had PW engines then I assume. Thanks guys!


It does have PW engines :)



Whelp, I learned something new today!

Thank you to everyone!

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Yeah PW engines make some odd noises lmao