Airbus A321


Hi, I would like you to add reworked Airbus A321 with 3D Virtual Cockpit because many people wanted to have more fun.

And also add more airline liveries (including generic and Airbus House Colors):
. Air Canada
. Air China
. Air France
. Air India
. Aeroflot
. Alitalia
. American Airlines
. Austrian Airlines
. Air Berlin
. British Airways
. Condor
. Lufthansa
. Monarch Airlines
. JetBlue
. Swiss International Airlines
. TAM Airlines
. US Airways (old)


They are probably going to do that in the A320 update


That’s sounds good.


Oh…not in 321? :(


That is already planned.
Please post your requests in the “feature” category please next time. @Swang007 would you mind?


Duplicate topic.

Search before posting


Please read the category guidelines before making feature requests.