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I was trying my hand at doing an approach into MMTJ and am fine until I turn onto final. I am having trouble getting established on the glide slope with all the mountains around the end of runway 27 and during the attempt, I noticed an approach mode button on my heads up display. What is that and how is it used?

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where you on Playground. Because I saw an A321 landing on RWY 27.
Also help on the A321 can be found in the #tutorials. there is many tutorials on how to fly the A320 family.

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There are a lot of tutorials featuring how to use this. You have to have a speed under 200 knots and be under 5000ft. Once you start final you can press the APPR button and it fly approach for you. Make sure you select the ILS or GPS runway approach beside the Localizer.

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The Approach button on the A320 family is used to help you to get established on the glides slope. So if you’re having trouble with approach, just turn on approach, and it’ll set you at the right altitude and heading to land at the runway that you are going to land at.


Here’s the topic

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Ok, thank you for your assistance!😊

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