Airbus a321 swaying

This happens every time I fly this plane

Hmm, interesting. I fly the A321 a bit and I haven’t noticed

Try slowing down abit. What is your current mach cruise speed?

Please read the original post. The winds are stated.

What is your altitude, speed?

502 knots ground speed 32,000 Ft MSL 290°M at 78 knots

What’s your Mach speed? The only thing I’d suggest is disengaging and reengaging autopilot.

Mach .73 I’ve had no other issues with any other planes flying at this speed

Ah yes, speed up to 0.80 or so. 0.82 may be smoother.

This is a bit slow, as it may cause the winds to affect the plane more than usual.

The A321 cruises at Mach 0.78-0.80.

You may be too slow. Try accelerating to mach 0.75 or 0.78

I’m not sure what the cruising speed of the 321 is but I know you’re too slow.

Edit: brief search concludes A321 cruising speed is M0.78.

Thank you so much!

If you need to know the cruise speeds for the different kinds of aircraft in Infinite Flight, you can check this thread.


It actually could be winds, you could also try speeding up if possible :)

I could just that your speed is either to fast or to slow at certain altitudes

I don’t know Im having the same problem with all planes.

With nav I sway side to side.

You could be flying to fast for your weight and altitude

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