Airbus A321 Performing strange

I was flying at 35k to 36k feet and oddly, the plane started shaking right constantly, but when I descend to 33,000 feet it stops. Can someone explain why? Kind of know why it’s probably because of the fuel and the cargo weight.

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You were probably too high for the a321 or weight balance issues.

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You’re right. I would be usually because of weight balance

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The plane is serviced to climb at altitude above 34k

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This is a known issue. If you load up a 321 with too much weight, it can’t handle cruises above FL330-340 for the first part of the flight. An efficient altitude at this point in time would be FL310-320, depending on whether you’re flying west or east. Once some of that fuel is gone, it’s recommended you step climb to FL360-370, where it is more efficient.

An issue I’d try before adjusting your altitude is to control your altitude using autopilot’s vertical speed meter, instead of the altimeter.
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I have had this issue everytime i fly the a321. No matter what i do it shakes left to right

Hi, if you search A321 shaking you get 45 topics on this issue.

Make sure your speed is not too low or your weight is not too heavy for your altitude.

Ideas to stop it:

Increase speed if too low.

If speed is ok, check if your pitch angle in level flight is getting towards 5 or so and beyond.

Descend until you burn off more fuel weight.
(the angle will decrease)

Also try shutting off AP, and stabilizing by hand before re-engaging AP.

Also, during a climb make sure to reduce your climb rate as necessary to keep your forward speed from excessively falling.