Airbus A321(P2F)


The Airbus A321(P2F), which is a regular passenger A321 converted for cargo purposes is an aircraft type that has been gaining popularity recently. Especially with “within-one-day” deliveries soaring in popularity, smaller cargo aircraft have been becoming more and more important to enable companies to ship their packages on longer distances to smaller airports, where big cargo aircraft such as the A33F, B77F, or B74F can’t land. It basically is a logical extension of the cargo delivery chain and makes faster deliveries more individual and efficient than ever before.
As a result of this, an increasing amount of airline recognizes the potential of these aircraft and order B73F or A321(P2F).


Length 44,51 m
Span Width 35,80 m
Height 11,76 m
Speed 840 km/h
Cruise Ceiling 12.100 m
Max. Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 89.000 kg
Max. Landing Weight (MLW) 77.800 kg
Max. Range 3.518 km
Max. Load 28.000 kg


  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Indigo Cargo
  • Qantas (for Australian Post)
  • SmartLynx (for DHL)
  • Titan Air
  • Global Crossing
  • Salam Air
  • Raya Airways


great Idea, got one of my rare votes🤙🏽

That’s great to hear :D It’d be cool to have a different kind of freighter in-game at some point.

I also wanted to share this photo, that I have seen trending on, which also was the motivation to create this feature request: a truly beautiful Indigo Cargo A321P2F banking out of Singapore Seletar (a major conversion site for A320 family aircraft).



This exists? Cool! I’ll try to clear up a vote

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We need this!


I would love to see it in the future. I already fly the Lufthansa Cargo A321 but with the generic livery.



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