Airbus A321 Neo Crosswind Landings

The A321 Neo makes crosswind landings look easy in this test flight video! I’m sure the pilot was experienced, how good are you at crosswind landings?


That aircraft is such a beauty. I really should go visit Hamburg Finkenwerder more often.🤔


I know, not often you see aircraft like this doing touch and gos.

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I know…good thing that I live across the river from that airport ;)

Just checked the video description and it said there was about 35 knots of wind. Impressive!


Very well! I wanna see this plane in service!

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I don’t know, nothing looks better than an A321 with IAE engines it just doesn’t look right with those big engines.

They can put the small engines on, but takeoff performance will be abysmal.

What else is different structurally from the a320ceo family to the a320neo besides the new engines?

My source inside Airbus told me aero improvements and significant re-designing of the engine mounts to make room for the GTFs. Most of the work had been put into the wing.

3 things

1- Those were beautiful touch-n-goes
2- It looks weird seeing other aircraft with wing-flex
(been flying the 787 nonstop)
3- Does anyone else thinks the a321neo sounds like
the a350?

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