Airbus a321 high pitched

I was doing a flight from Phoenix to New work city. While I was on approach I had my speed at 190 kts and flaps at 3. The nose was 15 degrees high. When I put the 4 notch of flaps and put the gear down the nose leveled off. Is that normal?

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This is a known issue with the A321. Also, flaps 3 at 190 knots is way too fast.

I was trying to get the nose down and I thought that would bring the nose down

Yes. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this will be fixed.

I was trying to fly airbus to see what is was like so I know what the a350 would somewhat feel like

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The A350 will feel nothing like the A321. Just saying. It would probably feel more like the 787.

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Ok because I did not like the a321

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The aircraft that are going to feel most like the A350, will be the A330 and B787 (like @Altaria55 said), as they are the most recently reworked aircraft, which means the most accurate physics, that are similar in size to the A350.

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It is? Just because someone asks something about the A321 doesn’t make it a “known issue”. The bobbing is, but this is not something that is a known issue? Or considered as one to be honest? :)


Was it that my airspeed was too fast

Speed was probably the main factor, but I would recommend that you try to recreate it and try around 155 knots at flaps 3 without gear and 135 knots at flaps 4 with gear. If someone has more accurate numbers for specific weights for the A321, they can add them below. Let us know if these numbers improve the outcome.

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Airbus: flaps 2 180 kts when entering ILS.
And if you fly slow the rear of the plane goes down it’s a question of portance.
And the flaps angle make the plane sink so you pull yoke to compensate and use trim to help to compensate. So the rear gears will touch first