Airbus A321-200F

Airbus A321-200F

The A321-200F is a cargo variant of the regular A321-200. The first operator of this aircraft will be taking off in 2020. The aircraft is intended to transport up to 27.9t over a range of 2,300nm (4,260km, 2,647mi). This aircraft will be a separate variant to the already introduced A321-200. This aircraft will definitely be necessary during COVID!


  • Qantas Freight (on behalf of Australia Post)

  • Titan Airways

  • Egypt Air Cargo

  • ULS Airlines Cargo

  • Airbus

  • Factory

Happy Voting!

Heya, you’re only allowed to have 1 picture per request ;)

Interesting request btw, but I kinda want the 747F more😬


Would love the 747F though much needed as well as rework!

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That looks pretty cool, but I unfortunately won’t be voting for this.

Sorry :/

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