The A320NEO(new engine option) is one of the many amazing upgrades Airbus produces in their product line. Airbus made this plane as an alternative to the older A320-200’s and amped it up with brand new Prat&Whitney engines. The current A320-200’s done have the new amazing engines that produce amazing Fuel efficiency. The new engines on the A320 also provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride to your destination.


Overall length: 37.57M
Wing span: 35.80M
Hight: 11.76M
Wheel Base: 12.64M
Max pax: 194
Range: 6,300KM
MMO: M.82
MTOW: 79 tons
MLW: 67.4 tons
MZFW: 64.3 tons
Max Fuel: 26,730 liters

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