Airbus A320neo family

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The Airbus A320neo (New Engine Option, Neo) is a single-passage, short-to-medium-range commercial airliner equipped with a new engine as the latest series in the A320 family by Airbus Europe.


This series has a basic type A320neo, a short-body type A319neo, and a long-body type A321neo.
The A321neo also has an LR (Long Range) type with an increased range.

Compared to the conventional type, the fuel consumption is reduced by 15% and the noise is reduced by 50%. The Airbus Group has announced that A320neo and A321neo have won orders for more than 4,500 aircraft (as of March 2016) from 70 airlines around the world.

The A320neo is a model that plans to operate more economically than the conventional model and changes the engine to a higher performance engine.The plan was launched in December 2010, the first flight in September 2014, commercial flight in January 2016 I started flying. A model equipped with a conventional engine has a new name of ceo (Current Engine Option, theo, current engine option) to distinguish it from neo (new engine option).

The engine used in the neo is a LEAP-1A engine from CFM International (a joint venture between GE Aviation and Snecma of the United States) or a PW1100G-JM engine from Pratt & Whitney (P & W) of the United States. Can choose either.

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