Airbus A320neo Family

you’re welcome!


Now that there’s 200 votes. Can we all add the A320neo Family now.

There’s no specific goal on whether or not they’ll add an aircraft.

Oh Ok. Is the A320neo gonna be announced next

We don’t know, nobody really knows. All we can do is wait and see!

I would love this!

I would love to see the A320neo and the A321neo get added in IF.

I don’t think it will be for a while but it’s still on my list regardless. it would be a great addition to add and for the amazing liveries that’s come with it! 🤩

is that a318 neo?

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That’s the A319 ACJ. :)


I think it will come very soon?

I would love to see the new Lufthansa A320neo with the mask 😍

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Is this what you’re talking about?



now that’s what i call beautiful


If the A320neo family comes, the IF team will spend more time in liveries than the actual modeling of the engines and fuselage 😂😂

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You guys are amazing, we surpassed 200 votes! Lets get it to our new goal of 210 :D

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What about BA

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We are almost there to our goal FlyingTarsier

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Yes we are!