Airbus A320 VT-ESF doubled landing gear

Hello! Can someone please explain to me why the Airbus A320 VT-ESF has two extra wheels on its rear landing gear? I’m really curious as it is the first time I’ve came across it and it just looks unusual!

Some pics


Rougher runways/taxiways. Air India are the only one to do iti think


Maybe photo shoped?

It is for the not so great conditions of some Indian airports.

It’s not, they’re has been a topic about this, maybe it was RWA or a feature request. Airlines have an option of choosing they’re ‘bogies’ as they call it. A320s have a single-bogey and this one, based on certain runway conditions, needs a double-bogey.

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It is not a photoshop. Such planes have “double boogey” because the runways are rough and they are there to protect the wheels from damage

This may help 👆

Not any longer IIRC.

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I 100% swear down I saw BA having this on a few aircraft outside the hangers near Hatton Cross. Must have been 4/5 years ago but I think I’m crazy 🌚(My logic is it was a 757 but that I was just an idiot back then)


Because in India, runways aren’t in correct conditions, that’s why Indian airlines requests a second wheel to their one-wheel airplanes, to avoid immediate problem with them ;-)

But I have to admit, that’s a bit strange…

It looks so cool with this! Hope it gets added to IF.

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It’s for rougher runways, so they don’t damage it

It’s like a mini 757.

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It’s for poor condition runways and also to lower the PCN (pavement classification number) allowing the aircraft to operate to airfields with ‘thinner’ concrete taxy ways and aprons.

The increased number of main wheels distributes the aircrafts weight more evenly thus lowering it’s PCN.

If you want a more common example have a look at the airport modifications to many international airports to get the A380 to operate!!! That is the consequence of a high PCN!!!

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