AirBus A320 Throttle Issue

Not sure if this is a real bug or maybe a glitch in the Matrix. Throttle rolls back to zero after about 19k with VS at 1.9 to 2.0k and little to normal winds. Then it picks back up to full throttle and runs back up to stated speed, only to roll back again at around FL22k or thereabouts. Has anybody experienced this or is it unknown? I searched through support and didn’t see anything. Just reporting what I’ve seen since 22.5 update.


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I haven’t experienced this issue before.
Did it happen several times to you?

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Weird thing that happens with all aircraft when using autothrottle. Not sure what causes it, it seems to have a mind of its own. It doesn’t really affect me all too much but I’m not sure about you.

Edit: I think it may have something to do with the winds changing. I’ve changed winds mid flight in solo before and my throttle increased/decreased depending on the wind.

I just got back into IF, but if I remember I believe it happened to me a few times too. I believe it’s the weather engine updating and the winds changing a bit causing the aircraft to try to maintain the speed you set as the weather randomly changes during your flight.

It is due to auto throttle so when you indicated what speed you want in A/P the throttle adjusted so it can maintain the speed you implemented into the A/P

It happens to me all the time in every aircraft where the auto throttle goes crazy in response to any gust

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This “bug” showed up in 22.5. I know about the AT moving around periodically. This is something different. Complete loss of forward momentum for 1-5 seconds and then returns to full out until speed returns close to setting.
Like I wrote, it’s between 19k & 22k in altitude. Doesn’t do it lower or higher. Just that range. Tried different AB’s and it seems to be the 320 only. Just a bit strange. I like to see what kind of fuel flow and economy I can get at various altitudes and climb rates. Makes flying more challenging and is kind of fun!

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What’s odd is there is no wind changes going on when it does it. I just tried a while ago on solo mode with no wind, no gusts and bingo, it did it numerous times, so I don’t think it’s weather related.

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