Airbus A320 Takeoff Speeds

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I found a really useful website for calculating the A320 series takeoff speeds.
Airbus A320 Series Takeoff Speeds

How to use this website (I’ll be excluding things such as the ICAO, flaps, etc. inputs):

RTOW [Pri] | ATOW: RTOW is automatically calculated by the website. The only boxes that you would have to put in a value are the box in the middle that says “KG” and the MAC.

(MAC Values leave the percentage sign out when inputting the value)

  • Airbus A319: Roughly 21%
  • Airbus A320: Roughly 25%
  • Airbus A321: Roughly 17.5%

Stab Trim: automatically calculated

Runway Selection: selecting the runway will automatically input the runway length

TORA: type in “(Airport ICAO) TORA” into Google and there should be a website that tells you


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