Airbus A320 Series rework

Personally I love the the A320 series it is one of the few aircraft that has a life cockpit However it is nowhere near the level of the new 777 or the upcoming 757

These are the features that would have to be added

Working cargo doors
Passenger doors
See through windows
Cockpit window opening
Realistic engine sounds
And liveries
Primary liveries that should be added are the new United, Bhutan airlines, Nepal airlines
Also do not forget the correct engines in wing which based on the real world airline

The A320 won’t be considered for a long time mainly being because we already have a live cockpit on it and touched up engines. And it’s a duplicate of another topic.

Feel free to vote for additional features to the A320 family like the A320 NEO Family


This is a duplicate :)

Feel free to vote on the one below:

In addition here are the other family rework threads aswell:

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Nope. A320 Rework and new A320Neo family

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Yea Blake ^^ listed the A320 rework above. This topic is a duplicate I just linked the NEO one.


A320Neo ≠ A320
don’t forget

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This topic is for the A320 rework. If the user wants to vote for a neo they can as it would be an addition to the already reworked A320 family.

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Feel free to vote on the topics linked above. Thanks for the understanding and have a great day! 🦘