Airbus A320 Rework

Airbus A320 Rework

Credit: Allen Choi

The A320 currently in Infinite Flight is, without a doubt… alright. It’s certainly ran its course, going from one of the most revolutionary aircraft in the fleet (with the introduction of live cockpit), to one of the most mediocre, now lacking some of the features needed for it to keep up to a high quality standard.

The A320, being one of the most produced aircraft has established itself among the greats of commercial aviation. Seating anywhere from 140 to 180 passengers, the A320 serves as a workhorse for many popular airlines, reaching out to every corner of the globe.

Infinite Flight’s A320, though having a live cockpit, still lacks the 3D animations and model detailing that other aircraft have. A full rework of this model would finally bring one of the most used aircraft in the real world to our devices. The A320, being such a widely used aircraft, deserves to be more detailed, and could definetly provide major assistance to a ever-expanding global network of aircraft.


Specification Value
Airframe length 37.57m
Cabin Length 27.51m
Fuselage width 3.95m
Maximum cabin width 3.70m
Wing span (geometric) 35.8m
Height 11.76m
Track 7.59m
Wheelbase 12.64m

The current A320 in Infinite Flight, though subjectively a “good” aircraft, could use some work. Flight characteristics, sounds, and textures could all use work, and now with an actual A320 pilot working on staff (Regan), some more accurate and reliable sources could be used to craft a realistic flight model.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can spare a vote.

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I always get irritated flying this aircraft mainly because many airlines have 180 seats on their A320s but the A320 in IF only has a max of 175. #realism


Arguably (one of) the most important aircraft type in the world should receive the appropriate amount of development which it has lacked until now.


Maybe the dev team can put in that one Air India A320 that has a double-bogey landing gear if this rework happens.


Voted definitely needed! We need the engine roaring after departure! 😍


If this were to ever happen, a correctly-shaped sharklet is an absolute must have!


Only 9 votes? We’ve got a meh representation of the most popular airliner in the world at the moment. :/

Would expect some more people to want this.
Maybe a rework with the NEO variant added would be a good option.


Fix the sharklet. The rest of the plane is fine, in my opinion. Yes, there could be improvements but it is in the better half of planes in IF.


I left my vote the a320 deserves to be reworked or the new model a320 neo

Why was the other A320 Rework feature post closed? Deercrusher said “ Stay tuned for new A320-200 specific feature request”
Was there something wrong with the last one?

The other topic was directed towards the A320 family as a whole, which included the A320NEO, which there was already a topic for. The purpose of this topic was to comply with the new #features category rules and make one specific to the CEO variant.

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Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks

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This is NEEDED! The current A320 is… well meh in my opinion. I think if this happens I will fly it more and that is why you often see me flying the B737 more

Voted. The current representation of this aircraft in IF is quite bad. Sure it has a live cockpit and everything, but the exterior model is quite low-poly and lacklustre. Considering that this is one of the most flown aircrafts in infinite flight since many years, we really need a rework of this beauty. The flight dynamics also need a lot of tweaking, especially the landing physics.

I completely support this, but I think that there are some aircraft that need reworks urgently. After all these are reworked, this would not be a bad aircraft for a stage 2 rework.

I’m with you would love this to happen so personally my country Saudi Arabia gets more planes such as Flynas flyadeal and saudia who all operate the a320 but none of them being there except saudia which has a not really realistic a319 which is a business plane that they only have one of

I really didn’t think that anyone would agree with me, I could imagine a reworked a320. The current one seems to long and the engines aren’t great. I mean that’s just me being picky but I do think I rework would look great.

I’d like to see the original A320 without winglets!

737 needs reworked as well we didn’t get any
Interior view and engine sound need upgrade
Also physics lol

we should get a total rework adding a cabin and doors opening as well!