Airbus A320 Neo Test suffers Engine Damage

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ikr i just thought it was interesting. that is the media, CNN"big makes sideways scary landing" stupid CNN terrifying passengers

Stupid CNN providing poor, sensationalized reporting in aviation

It’s actually quite simple. The average human is entertained by these “scary landings”. We see them as everyday activities; easy maneuvers that are second-nature to us.

In general, it is good to take what the media says about aviation with a grain of salt.

Many passengers have a tendency to think that a plane is exotic and unsafe because they understand planes are very complex and when one crashes, it will be reported like crazy.

The media wants to get the highest ratings possible (Or out of its competitors at least) so they can charge lots of $ for advertisements and make a tidy, or excessive profit (Please investors, buy the latest Mercedes, etc.). Not to mention subscriptions too.

The easiest way to achieve that is to report the new that people want or expect to hear, and that is dramatisizing aviation in a negative way, in many cases, or taking small news and making it as big a deal as possible to get people to listen/read. Sadly, most companies try this.

Even their own aviation “experts” look like they read off a wikipedia article or did a superficial google search.

I only trust the media when they invite aviation experts onto the show

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I don’t watch CNN anymore-Don’t know who he is.

I’m not an investor, and I own one, but moving on from that…
The problem with media, is they can come up with all false reports, like about MH370. They will put everything out there. It’s very inappropriate and they want attention. I agree, if I want to hear about Aviation I check the magazines, and also my facebook. I don’t need the news teaching me that a Boeing 747 can crash due to pilot error. If I wanted that I’d watch Air Crash Investigations. I’ll only watch news if its about the weather or if a serial killer is on the loose.

Oh, @Swang007.

Like the ones at Lukla Airport? ;)

I use Mercedes as an example for a nice luxury car-Nothing related to your connection to the brand.

Agreed-One can learn much more by reading a real avgeek written report or news segment.

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