Airbus A320 IF video

Hello guys, my first YouTube video. Featuring the A320 and some other cool stuff. (This is how you’ve to use the recording feature)

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Disclaimer - Using the 320 for the first time hence my landing wasn’t good. I didn’t follow some rules too. No need to highlight them. Thanks for watching!


I’m not gonna watch it so I can make my first experience with this aircraft by myself :)


How do you record I dont have that option in my menu

Me 2 😔😔😔😔😔

I am good at landing the 737 so I shouldn’t be bad at this lol

Any reason you didn’t use full throttle for takeoff?

Just wondering.

TOGA is rarely used in real life aswell especially on shorthaul.


I always thought full throttle was used.

Your welcome. Learning something new everyday :) Maybe if you watch some real takeoff videos of any Airbus, the so called “FLEX” is the reduced thrust setting option.

Do u have the latest Android update

I just found out my device isn’t android 5.0 yet and never will be 😞

Agreed! Don’t want to waste all my time waiting!

I don’t want to say like your video sucks or anything but you are changing the camera angles constantly and it pretty hard to look at it nicely

Its probably because your device is not supported yet.