Airbus A320 Family Wing View Fix

(There is only a really old post about this that was uploaded before the ‘vote’ fueture was added so that’s the reason of this post :-)

This is just a small request. I heard a lot of people (including myself) who don’t like the current wingviews on the a320 family. They are too low. Almost everybody uses the wingview to get that ‘passenger experience’. That just doesn’t work on the a320 family so the wingviews are pretty much useless.

So the request is: please replace the wingviews with views that are on the window height, it would make a lot of us very happy!! :-)

How it looks:
src=“//” width=“666” height=“500”>

Please choose one picture per the feature request. Thanks.


Please, do try the best in your ability to search next time for a similar currently active topic regarding the same Features category request before posting an additional one…


Fixed it! Thanks for pointing out

Which direct rules are you actually referring to as of right now?


It is two pictures in one. So I suppose it kind of would follow the rule. I think the rule is referring to two uploaded picture, whereas, in the other topic two pictures were merged into a collage.


Love this request! It’s kind of weird looking at the wing from the same height as the cargo doors… Hope this gets fixed, can’t possibly be that hard…

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