Airbus A320 Family Whistling Sound (New Thread)

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Hello all!

Since I found that the previous thread was dirty (Broken links…), I decided to rework it, (it was my first request)

Anyway, let’s start:

What is the A32F Whistling sound?

It is a characteristic sound like a flute that is only produced on the Airbus A320 Family.
It is happening when the aircraft is in approach, at an altitude from 100/200 (GS must be superior to 150 kts) to 8000 feet, when the ground speed is between 130 to 300 (or 295) kts.
We can hear the sound when the aircraft is at 3, 4 kilometers from us.
The sound is also produced during takeoff and go around.

Here is an example of an whistling A320:

Video by @AvioesEJogos

Why does the sound is produced?

It is caused when air passes trough four holes, these holes are located under the wings of the aircraft, they are called: FOPP (Fuel OverPressure Protector)
It is like when we blow on an empty plastic bottle.

One of the four FOPP of a British A320

Before, I’ve heard this sound many times, but now, it’s rare, why?

It’s because, many people who lives near Airports have been complained a lot about this sound, so airlines have prepared actions against this sound (they needed to find the origins of the sound)
In the end of 2013, the German airline, Lufthansa introduced the first A320 with a tiny device, which is called, a Vortex Generator (or Air Flow Deflectors)
This device is placed in front of the FOPP, creates a “small whirlpool” for air, so this device blocks air passing through the four holes = the Whistle is not produced.

An FOPP with a Vortex Generator

The Air Flow Deflectors have been developed by the UK aircraft Engineering, SuperCraft, the German Aerospace Centre and Lufthansa.

With the VGs installed, A32F’s noise are reduced by four decibels.

Airbus A32F made after the late-2014 (A320Neo Family are included) have the Vortex Generators installed by default.
The older models (the pre-late-2014s) can be retrofitted during a maintenance.

Here is more informations about this device

After the introduction of the Vortex Generators, which airlines decided to follow Lufthansa?

Many European airlines, like Air France, British Airways, easyJet, decided to follow it by installing VGs in all of theirs A32F fleet.
Condor, Aer Lingus, TAP, Volotea, Vueling also installed VGs in theirs A32F.

More informations

In the US:

JetBlue is planning to retrofit them by the end of 2021


United also proceeded in 2017

Source and more informations

Why I want it in IF?

I want the A32F whistling sound in IF, because it will increase Realism even if majority of them are retrofitted, but it doesn’t matter to me.
I always loved this noise since I was very young.

I my opinion, it should come as a Setting option

Comparison: A32F with VGs vs without VGs

With Vortex Generators:

This noise is caused by the Speed Brakes


The Whistle on the A321 is quite different compared to the A318, A319 and A320:

Do you prefer?
  • The sound without Vortex Generators
  • The sound with Vortex Generators

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About the A320 family:

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Oh yes the A320 Family needs a sound Update in Infinite Flight :) You have my vote!


Thank you @Basilisk for your vote! 😊


Good that Latam isn’t on this list lol

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Expect that they also have a fleet of the late-2014’s A32Fs

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They do have a lot of pre-2014 A320s and A319s

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Oh my God !
Yes, that’s totally it, I lived more than 18 years in the Paris area, especially under the downwind of the Paris CDG traffic, how many times I heard that sound,
Thank you for putting a word on this phenomenon.
I moved in the south of France and there is the traffic approaching Marseille above my house and I never heard that sound again. I never asked why ?

It brings back so many memories of that sound.

Voted !!

Thanks @Alex_Kraz for this feature I hope it will be added !!

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Thank you very much @Jeremy351! 😊
Me too, I used to hear the sound constantly (from Air France, easyJet…).
And sadly, they retrofitted all of theirs A32F.
Now, the only airlines I hear without the retrofit are Tunisair, Aegean (and maybe Brussels Air).

Since you live near the Marseille’s traffic, you can still hear the sound (Tunisair, Nouvelair, Alitalia, Air Corsica, Pegasus and Air Senegal didn’t retrofit theirs A32F yet (but some have the late-2014’s A32F, with the VGs installed by default)

No sadly don’t hear the sound. I live in the North of Marseille I see almost exclusively Air France or sometimes Ryannair (Tunisair, Alitalia, Air Corsica… come from South)

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Bad luck, unfortunately

Every time an A320 comes to BWI over my house, I hear them whistling that beautiful tune. It’s been a part of my childhood spent in Maryland. I’m all in for that being included into the soundpack, so someone do please spare a vote for this! 👍🏻

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Voted I remember hearing this daily.

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Interesting noise, common here in Geneva !

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Here are two edits:


On the A319:


Wouldn’t it make more sense to just give the A320 new realistic engine sounds? It seems like it would be way more beneficial to just add new engine sounds all together to get this sound.


As stated on the main topic, this sound has nothing to do with the engines! 😉


As @AvioesEJogos stated, this sound doesn’t come from the engines (they are separated)
But yes, first the Staff add the Realistic A32F engines sound (the CFM56 and the IAE one), then the Whistle sound.


If they are gonna add this sound, they might as well just add realistic A320 engine sounds because the whistling sound would sound weird with the regular engine sounds they currently have.


I personally agree with this sentence

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This with the barking noise would e awesome!

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