Airbus A320 family whining noise

Hello everyone, this is my first feature request.
If the devs reworking the A320 family, I wish they adding the A320 family whining noise.

  1. What is the A320 family whining noise ?
  • The A320 family is a characteristic noise like a flute that emetted on the A320 family (A319, A320, A321, A318) and when the aircraft is flying over us. This noise is produced on Approach (and Takeoff) when the aircraft is between 1500feet-7000feet and when the aircraft exceeding speed betwen 140 and 270 kts. We can also hear the noise when the aircraft is at 3-4 kilometer of us.
  1. What is the cause of this noise ?
  • The A320 family whining noise is emmeted when air passing in 4 holes under the wings of the A320 family, they are calling FOPP (Fuel Over Pressure Protector).
    2 FOPP under a wing of an A320. (Sorry for low quality)
  1. Why I want this in Infinite Flight ?
  • It make the Airbus A320 family more realistic.
  • The noise in real life is now rare.*

*4. Why the A320 family whining noise is now rare ?

  • At the end of 2013, the German airline Lufthansa presented the first A320 with the Vortex Generator, a thing that placed under the wing to block air when passing in the holes, many airlines like Air France, British Airways, EasyJet… decided to follows the rules of Lufthansa.


An A320 with vortex generator

About Lufthansa:

About the A320 family:

  1. Example of the A320 family noise without the vortex generator

6. Example of the A320 family noise with the vortex generator

Credit: Lufthansa Group


Like this: I changed video, because on this new video, the noise is more beautiful.

Channel: Fly By Spot


That noise without the vortex generator really gives me memories when I was small on a Summers day in a town located next to Warsaw Airport, these were the Wizz Air (Old livery) A320s Approaching Chopin Airport. Great feature idea.


Better video:


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Interesting! At first I thought you may have been referring to what aviators call the “barking dog” caused by the PTU (power transfer unit) doing a hydraulic test of the systems. Usually its heard inside during pushback, startup, and sometimes taxiing.

What your referring to is something I am somewhat familiar with. I live right under the flight path for CVG and I can always, with astounding accuracy, tell when a narrow body airbus flys overhead. Its not the exact sound that people, and you, have referenced in the video. But more of a vacuum sound that is so unique to this airbus type. It would be hard to replicate or find a similar video, but I think what you may have outlined is the cause of why I can always tell what is flying over my house.

Great find!


Thanks you ;)

Very good article. Please do the same about Airbus cockpit sounds.

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Yeah, I thought that you were talking about The Barking Dog lol. Personally I think that there is a lot more to be added before this ( If it ever gets added ) But I still think it’s a good idea

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I always thought to myself that the newer A320s sound more different to the older ones. Now I know why.

I heard this sound on the easyJet A319 I flew back in december (around 10yrs old) but not on the
9 month A320 :)


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Thanks you mate. ;)
I also agreed with you, the A320 family from 2014 didn’t making the noise (because vortex generators are preinstalled).

Never mind, I watched the video.

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I’ve been questioning this noise for as long as I remember. Loved hearing the A320s fly by with the whine. The noise helped me identify the aircrafts easily👌👌


Note: don’t confuse the A320 whining noise from the A320 family PTU, they are completely differents 😀

  • A320 PTU:

PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos

  • A319 whining noise:



Whenever I hear these sounds I’m always certain it’s an A320 or any other of its variants! I’m used to hear them almost everyday since live near STL airport, but I never thought they had some mechanism to dissipate the whining sound. Cool to know what causes those sounds.

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I wish, devs are adding this if they reworked the A320 family. 🙏

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What a creative feature! Kudos to you!! Just asking, why would they add this feature, if, as you said, it is no longer current? The devs try to keep the sim realistic to current real life. But anyways, I do still think it is innovative and please don’t take my ‘criticism’ personally.

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Thanks for comment. ☺

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I LOVE the sound without the Vortex Generator! :)


Thirst Note:

  • During takeoff, the a320 noise is liking this:

Youtube Channel:
  • Also during a go around (skip the video to 1:16). 😉

YouTube channel:

Fourth note:

If you skip the video at 0:33, you noticed that the aircraft is making a turn, modified the tune of the noise.
YouTube Channel: NATS
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