Airbus A320 Family: Staying on the Yellow Line in Cockpit View

A lot of us have to use an outside view of the aircraft to stay on the yellow line. Well, in the A320 family, it is quite easy to stay on the yellow line in the cockpit view.



While taxiing, keep the yellow line to the right of the black square on the glare shield as seen in the photo.



When turning, when you can’t see a straight line anymore, wait 3 or 4 seconds before gently turning your rudder to whatever way your going to turn. Keep turning until the yellow line is next to the black square again.

As you can see, staying in the yellow line in cockpit view is easier than people think.

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Keith James


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You’re on the wrong line.


Wow, I didn’t even look, hahaha

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Anything up to A320 or 737 is easy to taxi as you say. The fun starts when you try and taxi a 77W, a 747, or an A380 :)

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Idk, that Cessna 172 is a challenge to taxi


Tip for every aircraft, if the taxi line is right in the middle of you, your fine. When turning short aircraft pass the taxi line a little. In longer aircraft such as the 77W or a346 pass the line further

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I always taxi in the cockpit of any aircraft …its so easy

wow, thanks for the tutorial

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