Airbus A320 Family Sharklet Rework

Brief History:

In 2006, Airbus began working on the Airbus A320 Enhanced program which focused on improving the A320’s efficiency by adding large winglets called “Sharklets.” After going through three styles of winglets, Airbus finally settled on the sharklet and introduced it in November of 2009 at the Dubai Airshow. The sharklets added an extra 200 kg to the aircraft, however, reduced fuel burn by 3.5% on flights over 1,500NM. The 8ft 2in winglets are developed by the Korean Air Aerospace Division. The winglets increase efficiency by decreasing lift-induced drag, therefore offering more range.

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As seen in the photos provided below, the Infinite Flight A320 sharklet is slanted much farther back and is thinner at the top compared to the real photo below it. I’m hoping the developers for Infinite Flight could fix it, remodeling the sharklet to the real-life sharklet shape, as it’d be more realistic and much appreciated.

I’m creating this topic hoping the Infinite Flight aircraft developers could make this small change in the aircraft’s sharklets. It’s extremely minor and should be put on the bottom of all priorities.


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Wikipedia: Airbus A320 family - Wikipedia

Gettyimages: Flying Wing High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

I definitely see this as a problem, and I don’t like the look of it. I have found a topic similar to this, you could check it out.

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I find that your #features request is more in depth than the one I linked, and to be honest, this should be kept open as it has more detail, however, this is a duplicate, sorry :(

You could also show support on this by also voting for the A320 Family Rework, which is also linked below.

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A320 Family Rework

Oh man, my bad… Didn’t see that one.

Definitely will be voting for that. Thanks for letting me know!