Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread

Would it possibly be out in 2015/2016


P.s I hope the could also add Jetstar a320😀


Yess! The 733s looked nice in the SilkAir livery. Can’t wait to see them in the awesome MAX (8 I’m a summing?) livery.

That said, the A320s don’t look bad either, I just have a bias for Boeing aircraft :grin:.

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This liveries have not been added right?? Because my device does not have them yet

Likely 2015. If it came out in 2016 with what many people have seen, then the devs would feel the wrath of thousands of impatient Facebook losers in their “Posts to page” section and “Replies to post” section. Their FB page is filled with spam for liveries, threats for “I will discontinue my subscription” and junk like that.

Jetstar is a very likely candidate. If they don’t add it, I would be thoroughly surprised. I love their livery-They should add a 787-8 too.

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hi i thought they will add philippines airlines and cebu pacific. can you tell them to add it for me?

Great job guys. Remember that this is a wiki so (like Wikipedia) anyone can add anything they want. I’m not keeping track of which liveries have been released so it’s up to you guys to keep it accurate!

Just updated the wiki to reflect the addition of the Air France A320 Family aircraft.

Also added a section to add liveries with un-confirmed liveries.

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It doesn’t look like there are going to be A318’s or A319’s. Keep it up there just in case though.

When does it comes out? I want to know that.

Nobody knows when the next update is released.


Won’t be next update accordig to the devs.

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To be honest I wouldn’t expect an A318 at all since it’s competitor, the Boeing 737-600, wasn’t added. After all, the cutie wasn’t wildly successful.

The A319 is a tough cookie. I’d expect it to be in the game given it’s past success and the fact that the 737-700, its competitor, is already in the game. That said, they haven’t released any photos of it online. Since it’s early into the development of the A320 Family, I would hold my breath on denouncing the A319 until a month or two.

Perhaps they plan to develop the A319 but haven’t started yet (Priority order?).

Did the devs ever release photos of the Boeing 737-700 pre-update?

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Not sure. Again, plane releases is personally not my favorite thing about an update. I’m more into flight physics, ATC, etc.


Just a quick thing, was the Avainca an A319 or A320, cause i thought it was an A319, due to how small the fuselage was… Just wondering

This is unconfirmed but Air Berlin @Boeing707

I never saw the Avianca one. Its been added by someone else.

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This is for confirmed liveries (See title)

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I just saw the category “Unconfirmed” so I thought I would suggest that @Boeing707

That’s a different one.

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when is philippines airlines and cebupacific air going to be in the a320 @Boeing707