Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread


Right, when the A32X family comes out, what region will you fly it in?

  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • London
  • New York
  • Oshkosh
  • Paris
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • SoCal
  • South Florida
  • Sydney

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I’m doing London (Luton) in the Wizz Air A320.


the A318ACJ? I will be the Wizz Air A320. Lets talk about this when it comes out!


It may not be in November.


FYI - To all it may concern the Wizz Air livery is the latest livery.

  • Caribbean
  • Amsterdam
  • Hawaii
  • Singapore and Kuala Lumpar

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We have an A32X release event planned. Date to be announced. Look for it in the forum.


Flying he easyjet a320 at SEN when it comes out


I suggest to hold the event at Singapore. We have the biggest capacity there with WMKK and WSSS having parallel runways. Maybe AMS or SEA region as well.


still waiting for edelweiss and Swiss ;)


Here it is. :)


Thank god for some european love! Now we only need Swiss and Edelweiss!
@AF330 check this out! Your wish has become true!


That’s all we need. :)

Thank you. @B767fan here is the proof!



They added Easyjet and Wizz Air. They are European.


Delta A320.


That’s an American a320


American is not white livery


But that is not a delta tail and at that event he used the American a320


I don’t even think it’s an A320… Or Delta…