Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread

I would love to see the devs release the android version a week after they put the iOS in for review. Whether they will or not, who knows. What if they put the iOS in for review then announce the update a couple days later?

Now, back to the A320 please :-P


I think the a320 is coming very soon due to alpha & I think beta now having it to test.


Any thoughts of adding a British Airways A320?? :)

The Update is out…

…NO SWISS :’((


The update isn’t out lol

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Nobody said the A320 is the only A3XX we are going to release … you might find your favorite livery in a variant we will release in a near future :)


There is no swiss livery. I’m uterlly disappointed. But maybe in the future. Anyway as soon ad the update comes out I’ll be flying a B737BBJ XD


Is it appropriate to close this thread now since the release date has been confirmed?

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THANK YOU so much :D :))))))

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There will be an A319/A321 too ;)

Well the thread I guess lives on for the A318, A319, A321. Here’s to another month


See I knew it! They release the cockpit, and now the update is being pushed to Android!😎🤗😜😝🙃

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I am reliefed to hear that LX might be featured with the A319/321 which is even better! Thank you Phillipe!


its out on android

Time to close the thread

It’s time to close the thread.

let it close

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You beat me to it 😀