Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread


I would like them! But please NO pictures!


Because that is what the @philippe said!


Cockpit lights confirmed for the A32X family!


yep but if all people take time to reduce file size, the trafic can be better


do you have a link of a picture?


i suggest people can post here the link of a picture (ex google images), better than import pictures directly on topic.

*A320 Request Thread* Add all pictures here

No, @philippe said it. Even if I did have a photo I couldn’t post it.


don’t tag him all time


Are they able to be turned on and off or permanent and also are they bright


They are like the 747 family lights.


Yes! I just found out that Libyan airlines has dorito wingtips


Will every single livery be shown pre-release or will some remain a mystery?


I think they ceep some planes a mistery


I really hope they keep some a mystery.


A British Midland livery would be great!
Either the First BM livery or the last BMI livery.


Plzz add Air Brelin.
Its a nice livery and i want to fly with it from EHAM to EDDL (real route)


If u keep asking for liveries there’s no point. coz they are not gonna add anymore liveries


United are possible going to have wing fences aswell as sharklets from what I see in matts new instagram photo.


Even more Doritos, that’s what I like to hear! :)


Is it just me, or if you look closely into the photo you can see cabin lights :0
Or it could just be the sun reflecting onto the plane. But boy, if they are cabin lights I’m gonna be the happiest guy around :))