Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread

Thanks to all contributors who have helped maintain this topic over the months. The entire A320 Family is now available for download on Google Play, with the App Store and Amazon versions coming soon.

I thought with all the guessing threads we could make a thread in which we keep track of each airline livery that has confirmed been added. After looking at the Infinite Flight Facebook Page, Infinite Flight Twitter Feed, Infinite Flight YouTube Channel, Matthieu Laban’s Instagram Account, and Matthieu Laban’s Twitter Feed, we have been able to confirm the following.

#Airbus A318

The Airbus A318 is released for iOS and Android. Purchase it individually for $4.99 or download it free-of-charge as part of your Live+ subscription.

#Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 is released for iOS and Android. Purchase it individually for $4.99 or download it free-of-charge as part of your Live+ subscription.

#Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is released for iOS and Android. Purchase it individually for $4.99 or download it free-of-charge as part of your Live+ subscription.

#Airbus A321

The Airbus A321 is released for Android and iOS. Download it free-of-charge.

Aer Lingus
Air India
American Airlines (N101NN)
All Nippon Airways (JA105A)
Asiana Airlines (HL8257)
[Austrian Airlines]
(Laura Laban on Instagram: "I always love watching the Autoland code fighting with the wind :) #infiniteflightlive")
Etihad Airways (A6-AEB)
Etihad Airways (A6-AED)
Swiss International Air Lines (HB-IOO)
Turkish Airlines
Vietnam Airlines (VN-A335)

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They said they would keep US Airways for the A321


Great. I was 99.99% confident that they would retain the USAir A321 since it is one of the largest A321 fleets in the world, but I never had confirmation of the devs saying it (That’s what it takes for me to believe it).

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I made this topic a wiki so anyone with future/other knowledge can edit it. I don’t think this feature has been used on this forum before, but it seems like the perfect opportunity to try it out. @Boeing707 Let me know if you want me to revert the wiki.


Anyone up for the Northwest A320?


What does a wiki do to the post? Seems like it’s just a label since regular topics and a wiki can be edited :laughing:.

Thanks and…

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Wiki means anyone that has a user account in this forum is able to edit that first post. So if any other liveries are announced then they can come back here and change it :smile:

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Ahhh ok. I’ll start editing in stuff now. Thanks.

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An A320 in the final silver NWA livery, A319 in bowling shoe, and A320 in the NWA Orient Livery.

Wishful thinking for the last two, but very likely to see the final NWA Compass. Amazing livery.

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I’m not good at identifying similar planes, so you guys can decide. 3 pictures that were released a few hours ago. Edit the wiki!



I was In that awesome group flight as the flight plan leader. We are hopefully doing another one soon like tonight or something. Anyone can come and join :wink:

Damn son! Now THAT is what I call an great livery. I’ll have to think about whether it’s an A320 or A319. If only the picture had better resolution…

Tempted to say A319…

Edit: It’s an A320. There haven’t been any recent VX A319 deliveries (Sharklets)

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Updated wiki.

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You’ve already figured it out, but the HD version on the Facebook page for IF has the aircraft registration as N361VA, which is an A320 :wink:

Linking topics

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Would be immensely elated if SilkAir livery is added to the A320 aircraft. SilkAir is Singapore Airlines’ regional wing (serving short-haul destinations).


If IF puts in the Boeing 737-300 someday, they should add SilkAir in that livery too.

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Sorry for the late reply guys, i had updated the A320 Livery list yesterday, here’s the pictures Matthieu posted in his Twitter.


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SilkAir phased out its 737 Classic years ago though :) SilkAir is now flying the A320 and B737-800 NG. 30 B737MAX are on order :)

Looks like this wiki things is working out pretty good so far. Great test!

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