Airbus A320 family LCD displays

In 2009 Airbus decided to refresh their A320 cockpit design a bit by putting in more reliable, energy efficient and higher quality displays into it.

Since Airbus introduced the sharklet A320 4 years later all A320 with sharklets have those new LCD displays in their cockpit. In my opinion it looks kind of odd seeing old displays in new A320s like it is in IF now. I’d love to see the new ones on the A320 where they belong or eventually an ability to choose the cockpit you want (like the planned sharklet or wingtip choice)


How bout we get working displays first


lol, almost fell off my chair xD

That would almost come with working cockpit instruments with the new LCD display if they get decide to add that in

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I agree, they should be top priority IMO. 😊


I agree, we definitely need these!


I’ll like it!

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Agreed, or even get more jets out first!

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Yes please! Working displays have been my all time favorite request, and I cannot wait for them to be added.

[Spoiler]After Global, of course. ;)[/Spoiler]

Well, I’d love working displays after taxi lights at least.

What a beautiful cockpit.

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Wow so amazing this lights at night! NEEDED

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Where’s the difference ?

It’s hard to even notice the difference working on real aircraft, I don’t see them adding this…

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Maybe if they implement the neo…


Amen to that.

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Hope this comes in 20.2 the cockpit be have now is the 17 years and older